Toshiba is Starting Production of a Faster Wireless Charging Chip


Toshiba has introduced its new wireless charging chip that is announced to charge just as fast as a normal wired charger. Wireless charging is currently not the everyday norm for most people to charge their devices, it is being pushed by manufacturers though to make it a new replacement to having wires and open ports for smartphones. The current struggle for wireless charging today is that it is currently still slower than a wired charger, and exchanging time for convenience isn’t what most consumers find as a necessary exchange to have.


This might all change though with Toshiba’s new wireless charging chip, as it doesn’t sacrifice speed for convenient charging, unlike what we have now. It also opens up manufacturers to have more water-resistant devices since there would be one less port to have.

The wireless charging integrated chip will be following the Qi wireless charging standard as its base for wireless charging, which is great since this is currently the most used wireless charging standard for current devices. Along with this, the chip will be able to have a maximum output of 5 watts, which is comparable to a wired charger.

There are a lot more variables to consider though regarding Toshiba’s wireless charging chip, such as the prices. Would the price of having this chip and a wireless charging pad a good enough exchange to a regular charging port and a wired charger? Well we won’t be finding out about that until this wireless charging chip gets inside some devices for a test run.

The availability of devices with Toshiba’s wireless charging chip is still unknown, but it is said that they have already started mass production, which means that this will be available soon.


  1. I hope that was a typo, 5W is not “as fast as my wired charger” or even half, hope he meant 5V. As my 5V 2.0 Amp charger is I believe 13Watts.

    • 5W may not be as fast as your wired charger, but it is for most. You can derive how many watts is outputted by a charger by multiplying the volts by how many amps there are. So a 5Volt 2.0Amp charger will output 10Watts. Most smartphones come with a charger with 5V 1.0Amp, such as the iPhone 5, while tablets with bigger batteries come with faster chargers, such as the iPad with 5V 2.1Amps with an output of about 10Watts. So this wireless charging chip from Toshiba is comparable to wired chargers outputting at the same rate usually used for smartphones, but will be slower if used on tablets.

      • LOL! You used iPhone as an example. It doesn’t even have wireless charging. Please use a more relevant phone as an example next time so your post could be taken more seriously.


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