Tronsmart Chocolate Fast Wireless Charger for $20

tronsmart chocolate

If you’re looking for a Samsung fast wireless charger alternative, the Tronsmart Chocolate should be one of your choices. Let us see why:

tronsmart chocolate

The Tronsmart Chocolate is one of the few fast wireless chargers currently out in the market. The Chocolate has a silica gel anti-slip design made to look like a chocolate bar. The design is stable enough to keep your device in place without being easily knocked over.

The wireless charger also has an LED notification light to inform you if it’s charging, working normally, and when your device is fully charged. The rest of the device is covered by PC and ABS fire-proof plastic. Along with this, it is also capable of withstanding 120°C and is scratch resistant.

The Tronsmart Chocolate can wirelessly charge your device at approximately 10W. You may use a device such as the Galaxy S7 to take advantage of fast wireless charging. The old Qi wireless standard had an output of 5W.

The package comes with the wireless charger, a micro-USB cable, and the usual paper works. Sadly, you have to provide your own fast charging adapter. Using a regular one will only make the Tronsmart Chocolate output a maximum of 5W. You may use the adapter that came with your Galaxy phone which is capable of maxing out the device.

The Tronsmart Chocolate is currently available on Amazon for $19.99 in black.


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