Turbot Wireless Charging Stand for less than $30


Want a nice wireless charging stand for your new Galaxy S7 without breaking the bank? Try the sleek Turbot wireless charging stand.


The Turbot is a 3-coil Qi wireless charging stand capable of fast wireless charging and is compatible with any Qi-enabled device. The 3 coils help in minimising the frustration from trying to find that sweet charging spot. If ever you’re still having a hard time finding it, you will be alerted through its LED indication light if your device is properly aligned.

The Turbot wireless charging stand also has a curved design to help keep curved-back smartphones in its place. This wireless charging stand also has temperature control keeping the maximum temperature at around 40°. This prevents damaging your smartphone from overheating.

If you’re interested in getting this wireless charger, get it from Amazon for only $21.99. That already includes free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers.




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