TYLT Has Brought Wireless Charging for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Vu-Mate

TYLT Vu-Mate Galaxy S5 2

We have covered a wireless charging card here on Qi Wireless before which retails for £16.80 including VAT. TYLT has also made their own wireless charging card for the Samsung Galaxy S5 called Vu-Mate. They have made this to be partnered with their own wireless charger named TYLT Vu, hence the name Vu-Mate.

TYLT Vu-Mate Galaxy S5 3

Just like the other wireless charging cards, the Vu-Mate can be installed very easily. You simply have to stick it on top of your battery, and align it properly that the contact point on the Galaxy S5 is touching the one for the Vu-Mate. Then just place the back cover on top and you may now try wireless charging. Do take note that even if this was made to be paired with the TYLT Vu wireless charger, it still does work with other kinds of wireless chargers.

TYLT Vu-Mate Galaxy S5 2

TYLT also has wireless charging cards for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, which are both available for $19.99. The Vu-Mate for the Galaxy S5 though will cost a bit more at $24.99. You can purchase these on the TYLT shop website right here. Even though this is one of the cheapest wireless charging solutions for the Galaxy S5 so far, at just a $5 difference for the official Samsung wireless charging cover, is it still worth saving the extra $5?


  1. It saves you $5 but with the wireless card you can still have a case to protect your phone. I bought both the wireless card and the wireless charging cover. With the cover it makes the phone just big a tad bit bigger and none of the galaxy s5 cases will fit it now. I insist on a case for protection so for me the wireless card was a much wiser choice. The cover is going to get returned.

  2. This will increase the risk of diminishing water resistance. Once you reach or exceed ever so slightly the maximum tolerance designed by the great Samsung engineers on those water seals, you are basically playing Russian roulette with water protection.

    • sb- yes it could diminish the water resistance.. I wouldn’t trust the water reistance claim of samsung anyway. I keep my phone in a Lifeproof case and with this case and the TYLT VU card, my phone is totally protected, I never have to open any port on the case to charge the phone and the charging port on the phone won’t get worn out like my previous phone.. This for me is the only way to go. I go to the pool weekly and my phone is in my pocket always, divng to the bottom in the deep end (14′) and never worry about it getting wet.

  3. Does not seem to work with the Samsung charger. I am reluctant to buy their charger since it was supposed to work with this one so now I am not sure if the card is bad or the charger is incompatible. Not much info on the Tylt site either.


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