uBeam announces Ultrasound Wave Wireless Charging


uBeam has been quiet regarding their wireless charging device. We’ve only heard of how it works and what it does. But we’ve never seen it working with our own eyes until now.


uBeam has found a way to charge your smartphone with ultrasonic waves. This removes everything we’ve ever needed to charge our phones. You simply have to be in the range of the ultrasound waves and your smartphone will automatically start charging.

Meredith Perry, the CEO of uBeam, demonstrated how this works during the Upfront Summit in Los Angeles. She brought a bulky case with her which was emitting ultrasonic waves. All she had to do was place the smartphone in front of the device where the waves are passing through and it started to charge!

The bulky device acts similar to a speaker, but instead of having audible sound, and inaudible ultrasound comes out. This can’t be heard by both humans and animals and is safe to be used around humans. The receiver attached on the phone acts like a microphone in which it turns the sound into an electrical signal which then charges your phone.

When this technology will be available hasn’t been said yet. Although it still might take a while to turn it into a common device around public spaces.


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