Volterman smart wallet brings tech and functionality together


The Volterman smart wallet is currently on Indiegogo with funds over 10 times the amount of the goal initially set! What are people seeing in this wallet that deserves that much attention? Let’s check and find out what all the hype is with this new smart wallet.


Volterman Smart Wallet

The Volterman smart wallet comes in various designs. The available designs are the cardholder, bifold, and travel wallets. Although no matter which type of wallet you choose, you’ll still have the same great tech inside.

There’s a built-in powerbank in each wallet with capacities ranging between 2,000mAh to 5,000mAh (2,000mAh for the cardholder, 2,600mAh for the bifold, and 5,000mAh for the travel wallet). Each wallet has a nifty Bluetooth distance alarm which connects to your smartphone. Whenever the wallet and smartphone are far apart, they will give off an alert. The Volterman smart wallet and smartphone sends out an audio signal to indicate that they are far apart.

If the smart wallet becomes lost and is too far for Bluetooth to reach, you can use its global GPS tracking to find exactly where it is. It’ll map out where it has been and show its current location. There is also a thief detector camera which takes a photo when the wallet is opened and sends it to you. It can send it to you from anywhere because of the worldwide Wi-Fi hotspot which you can also use to connect your smartphone to the internet. The usual RFID protection is also embedded to protect you from data theft.

With all this tech inside, you might get too conscious of your wallet when it’s near water. Well not to worry, since the Volterman smart wallet is also waterproof. To add to this, it is also impact resistant. You can literally drive over the wallet without damaging the tech.

The wallets can be charged via cable or Qi wireless charging. You can also use the wallet as a Qi wireless charging pad to charge your smartphones. The Volterman wireless charger is available to purchase to wirelessly charge Qi devices in style.

Head over to Indiegogo to grab your self a Volterman smart wallet. Prices start at $89 for the cardholder with free shipping.


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