CES 2016: Want a 2TB NAS to Carry? Here’s Fasetto Link

Fasetto Link

NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices are usually seen as bulky and absolutely not portable. Fasetto made a device named Link which is the total opposite. It is a 48 by 23 millimeter NAS that can store up to 2Tb of space from 256Gb.

Fasetto Link

The Fasetto Link is a tiny and durable NAS that you can easily bring around. It uses SSDs to avoid having moving parts and opted for wireless features to forego the need for ports. This helped keep the Link as small and light as possible. You may connect any device with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to access your files inside the Link. Read and write speeds reach between 1500MB/s to 2500MB/s, fast enough for any streaming needs.

It’s rated to stay idle for approximately 2 weeks while it can continually stream data for 8 hours before needing another charge. Since the Fasetto Link has let go of any port, it uses Qi wireless charging to keep itself alive.

With all of that plus more features in such a small device, they made sure that your precious files aren’t in a fragile state. The Fasetto Link is shock resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures, and is waterproof up to 45ft. On the software side, the Link is covered with many levels of encryption. You can be assured that your files will all be safe.

A few beta devices will be out around April and the finished product is scheduled to be released around Q4 of 2016. The price of the Fasetto Link will vary depending on how much storage you want in it. The 256Gb will start at $275 while the largest one at 2Tb will go for $1,400. Get more info about the Fasetto link in their site over here.


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