The Reasons Why Apple’s New iPhone Has No Wireless Charging



A great deal of people are waiting eagerly for the launch of the new iPhone of Apple. But contrary to what has been anticipated, wireless charging feature is still not included on the new smartphone. Below are reasons why:

  1. iPhone possesses an aluminum body.

The iPhone’s current wireless standards will not work with metals not like Qualcomm’s WiPower wireless charging way. iPhone 6 has an aluminum body, and when the entire metal body changed, it might not work well. Qualcomm and Apple teaming up together to get WiPower to iPhone 6 is uncertain.

  1. Apple is still not prepared.

Since April of this current year, the Apple company is still looking for a “senior wireless charging engineer” with a job qualification, “experienced in PMA and WPC wireless standards”. Though Apple has its in-house knowledge of wireless charging because of Apple watch, but the watch is still fastened to a charging cord after 18 hours of use.

  1. Apple thinks it’s not crucial at all.

It is anticipated that Apple won’t need to include features to their devices in order to improve sales. It is already a market leader and no doubt, the apple of the eye among largest number of consumers. It seems that it is allowing other rivals to launch wireless charging devices and then observe what will happen before doing the next marketing strategy.

  1. September iPhones are evolutionary.

Several people thought that the iPhone 6s is an evolutionary device because of incremental advancements on it over the previous iPhone models. The question is, “When will Apple embrace wireless charging?” – in its appropriate time that only Apple can. If all Apple fans wait for that glorious moment of charging wirelessly, then it would be worth the wait.



  1. Wireless charging is less about convenience and more about reducing wear and tear on the connection. I’ve had to toss two phones because they just wouldn’t charge anymore with any cable.


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