Wireless Charging Bowls from PowerbyProxi Brings Functionality and Design Together

PowerbyProxi 1

PowerbyProxi, a component firm, has made a wireless charging bowl capable of charging multiple devices all at once. The wireless charging bowl is quite interesting, and we find it much more useful than a regular wireless charging pad that can only charge one device at a time.

PowerbyProxi 1

These wireless charging bowls can support to charge any device that is Qi-enabled. It also has to be able to fit the bowl as well. The bowl is 100mm in diameter with 1.25inches of available vertical space for wireless charging. Anywhere else over those measurements won’t guarantee you a charged device after a few minutes.

PowerbyProxi 2

PowerbyProxi did say though that this wireless charging bowl is made for smaller devices such as wearables and the like. You may also stack them all up if they’re small enough to fit properly. Take note though that this is not a product available for sale, but rather just a proof that it actually works. As a component firm, these concepts are communicated to other firms, such as Samsung, Texas Instruments and the like, that can make this as a consumer’s product.

Would you prefer to have a wireless charging bowl or the regular charging pad?



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