Wireless Charging Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Available



As the Samsung Galaxy S5 rushes to the markets, accessories and other peripherals are also coming along with it, one of those is the official wireless charging back cover available as a pre-order.

Having a wireless charging back cover packaged along with the $650 Galaxy S5 would have been great to have, considering all that you’re actually paying for it. The back cover is at a price of $29.99, not too expensive for the users willing to shell out for a Galaxy S5. A wireless charging pad won’t be coming along with the wireless back cover or handset though, if you want to match your accessory brands along with your new Samsung Galaxy S5, it would cost you $60 for an official Samsung wireless charging pad.

When the wireless charging back covers will be available though is not yet announced, but most likely will start shipping along with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The color choices for the wireless charging covers from Samsung are only either white or black.


  1. They will most likely NOT be shipped along with the galaxy S5s’ as they have not been released yet and I already have my hands on the Galaxy S5

  2. The picture shown is not the back of the wireless charging case. That is the non wireless back. They look totally different. I know I have one it is about 2mm deeper meaning the camera is flush with the case. In fact it is even slightly recessed. I think it is blatantly false advertising to imply that the back would look that way.

  3. How/where can I order this? Samsung does not sell it, nor do any retailers that I have contacted, nor does Verizon. It means losing my Otterbox, but I can live with that. Thanks…

  4. I tried about 20 different websites looking for this product and can not find one that actually sells one. Out of stock or discontinued. I have the wireless charger but it’s useless without getting the s5 charging cover. Can someone please help, much appreciated.


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