How to Get Wireless Charging for the HTC One M8

HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is a great smartphone to have, with its amazing specs and beautiful metal body, only a decent few can compete with it. But even when this smartphone is absolutely gorgeous inside and out, there are a few quirks some people are complaining about. One of these complaints is the lack of wireless charging, good thing though that we have found a workaround to this.

HTC One M8

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S5, it has a removable back that can be replaced by a wireless charging cover letting Qi-enabled wireless charging pads work with the Galaxy S5. There are even wireless charging cards that you can simply place on top of the battery to let it charge wirelessly. With the HTC One M8 though, none of these are available. With no contact points available on the back for wireless charging and even if there was, the metal back cover will render it useless. Not to worry though, there is still a solution if you are in need of wireless charging for your HTC One M8.

HTC One M8 wireless charging 2

The solution for this problem is quite cheap compared to the other ways to get wireless charging. It is the $10 wireless charging receiver module by DigiYes. This is a very thin, paper-like wireless charging card with a very thin cable that connects to your smartphone’s microUSB port. This is actually a universal way to have any smartphone with a microUSB port Qi-enabled.

HTC One M8 wireless charging

For this to work on the HTC One M8, you simply have to plug the cord into the microUSB port and then stick the wireless charger receiver module on to the back of the HTC One M8. Be sure it is on the back cover, and not under it because it will not work due to the metal build of the cover. You can then purchase a case for your HTC One M8 to tidy things up.

HTC One M8 wireless charging 1

One negative aspect of using this though is that it takes up the microUSB port, needing to always unplug it when you need to use the microUSB port for other things such as connecting it to the computer. Also since the receiver is extremely thin, it can possibly wear out quickly if it is often unplugged. Also, be sure to purchase the right type of the wireless charging receiver module, as for the HTC One M8, the microUSB port is at the center with the wide side upwards and the narrow side downwards. So do check the position of the microUSB port before purchasing to avoid any trouble using it. Nonetheless, this is a quick and easy solution to give the HTC One M8, and other smartphones, a way to have Qi-enabled wireless charging.


    • I agree this looks like a great solution however it doesn’t appear to be commercial available yet. Would love to see this in as close to the gunmetal grey color.


    • This case your referring to looks pretty good; however, for those of us that work in a harsh environment it’s just not practical. I work at a sand mine so I’ll need a little more protection than that. After seeing this article, I ordered one of these for my M8. Yes, it is a bit cheap, but it as till does the job quite well. Plus I’m still able to close the dust proof usb cover on my Supcase Unicorn Beetle case and maintain my phone’s protection. Maybe if I ever decide to take a desk job, I’ll look at one of these other zero protection case/chargers.

  1. If you have to plug in the adapter then you’re using a wire, defeating the purpose and occupying your USB port in the process. Fail.

  2. […] one downside to them is that they doesn’t play nicely with wireless chargers. To get around this, you could add a wireless charging receiver and cover that with a case, but that’s not quite as elegant as having the feature built in. […]

  3. I’ve tried this solution with the receiver + plastic case, it didn’t work. It charged 1% in 10 minutes only if you placed it perfectly. After 2 hours of checking it on and off, I couldn’t make a difference wether turning the screen on and off would actually deplete more of the battery than it would charge.

    This doesn’t work.
    Just get a second hand phone that already came with wireless charging and sell you current one, and you’re much better off.


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