Woodie Hub makes power strips beautiful

Woodie hub

Almost every power strip we see look exactly the same. We’ve seen them as a bland white strip with a row of sockets. It has always been the same with little changes in looks and functionality. The Woodie Hub is made to revamp the old and aged design.

Woodie, a company originating from Italy, has brought the Woodie Hub to Kickstarter. Enthusiastically, we’re hoping this product will be as functional as it is beautiful.

Woodie hub


The Woodie Hub extends the functionality of the regular power strip by adding more features to it. The Italian product offers 2 AC universal sockets up top covering over 150 countries. Along with this, it also has 2 USB ports with a combined power of 5V and 3.2 Amps. Under the 2 sockets, a Qi wireless charging pad is available with an output of 5W. The base cord is 1.5m long which is a wrapped in rubber and fine grey cloth.

The Woodie Hub is available in 3 configurations. The cheapest offer is concrete, available in either light or dark grey colours. Next is wood available in either Italian walnut or oak. Lastly, you may also choose the elegant marble available in white or green. Prices differ depending on the material used. Choose which one you want on Kickstarter.


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