Woolet: Magnetic Wireless Charger in Leather


The Woolet wireless charging pad is another take to adding more functionality to the usual wireless charger. It is a very sleek 3-coil wireless charger covered in 100% natural leather.


Woolet is currently on Indiegogo hoping to cover $10,000 during the month. Let’s see what they have to offer for the people to back them up.

The Woolet offers a very thin leather Qi wireless charger with a magnet that can stick from both sides. This means that you can stick it on magnetic surfaces and also have your smartphone stick to the Qi wireless charger. The magnet keeps the wireless charger in place and also the smartphone without much of a hassle. It also comes with an additional kitchen stand and accessories for using it in your car.

They also have a mousepad Woolet which acts as both a wireless charger and a mousepad. You can connect it directly to your laptop or desktop to charge your device. A leather covered USB cable is also available to match the design and minimalistic feel.

For the iPhone users, a case is also available with matching looks by using oak wood with a minimalist design. Wireless charging case receivers will be available for the iPhone5 and up variants. Besides the normal brown leather colour, a black variant is also available at $130 plus the shipping price. If the $50,000 stretch goal is reached, light grey and graphite versions will also be offered.

Check out their crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo to see what perks are offered.


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