WPC Announces their 500 Qi-Enabled Devices Milestone


Qi-enabled WPC

It has been announced by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that they have reached over 500 Qi-enabled devices and peripherals. This is possible due to the incredibly fast adoption of Qi-enabled products during the last year and a half.

Here on Qi Wireless, we have showed the interesting products manufacturers have come up with that are Qi-enabled devices. These devices have contributed to spread the Qi standard to more consumers, such as ZENS’ leading wireless charging products, ADATA’s wireless charging stand, and Samsung’s very own wireless charging cover for the new Galaxy S5.

Even PC chassis’ have implanted the Qi standard to join two things into one, with Xigmatek as the first to do so with their Midguard III PC chassis. These are just a few of the devices and accessories that use the Qi standard. Companies such as Google, Nokia, LG, and HTC have implemented wireless charging using the Qi standard in their flagship phones and are supporting Qi to become the future for wireless charging.

Qi has been integrated in over 60 different kinds of smartphone models to this day, with even much more accessories supporting those models to be able to wirelessly charge them.

Having over 200 big companies through the Wireless Power Consortium backing up the Qi wireless standard, it is only a matter of time when we see wireless charging pads everywhere we go.


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