CES 2016: ZENS Brings Battery Pack and Wireless Charging Case for the iPhone 6s



ZENS, one of the better known wireless charging accessory manufacturer, has revealed their new case for the iPhone 6s at CES 2016. The wireless charging case follows the Qi standard, letting your iPhone 6s be charged by any Qi enabled charger. Along with Qi wireless charging, ZENS case also packs a 1650mAh battery to give your iPhone 6s extra juice to go along the day.

Since the case uses the lightning port for it to work, a micro USB port is available at the bottom for wired charging just in case a Qi wireless charging. It’s unsure if data transfer is available through the micro USB port, but considering similar cases, it probably doesn’t.

Besides the lightning port, all the other ports are freely open for normal use and all buttons have perfect cutouts for comfortable use.

The ZENS wireless charging and battery pack case will be available for purchase this March for approximately $100.


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