Zens Liberty Wireless Charger is the AirPower We Never Had

Zens Liberty wireless charger
Zens Liberty Wireless Charger

Last year, Apple announced that they’ve canceled all work for the AirPower, a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices on one pad. Behind the scenes, Zens brought the idea into reality with the Zens Liberty wireless charger. It offers the features that the AirPower promised but never delivered.

Zens Liberty wireless charger
Zens Liberty Wireless Charger

Zens Liberty 16 Wireless Charger

This is a hefty wireless charger weighing 675g at 1.9cm thick. It’s quite big, but it compensates for being able to charge all your devices at the same time. It offers a 30w output which is split in half to wirelessly charge at 15w for each device. This can charge your device from 0-50% in about 50 minutes. If you have one more device you want to charge, a USB-A output is available on the top right corner of the device.

16 charging coils are strategically placed inside the pad which can wirelessly charge two devices at the same time. This also removes the need to find the perfect spot to charge your device. The 90% wool surface also gives a nice touch to the wireless charger which keeps our devices scratch-free when we gently place it on the pad. They also have the glass edition which has a clear glass top to show you the beautiful 16 coils inside the pad. This also helps you perfectly place your device right on top of the coils.

One caveat to this wonderful wireless charger would be its price. With a price of €149.99, you could buy about 3 15w wireless chargers. So for now, it’s not worth the money although we do hope that will change in the near future. Although if you want to get ahead of everybody and have one of the first wireless chargers which can charge multiple devices simultaneously, check out the Zens Liberty wireless charger in their store and on Amazon.



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