Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging still better than the iPhone 8

Galaxy S8 iPhone 8 wireless charging

With the new iPhones currently being distributed to excited consumers, most of them might be excited to try out wireless charging. Although wireless charging is a new feature for the iPhone 8 and X, it isn’t a new feature for Samsung flagship smartphones. With their experience with wireless charging, the Galaxy S8 still outperforms the new iPhone in regards to wireless charging.

Apple iPhone wireless charging

Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

It’s great news that Apple finally added Qi wireless charging to their smartphones, although it could’ve been better implemented. The Galaxy S8 can wirelessly charge with 10W of power which follows the version 1.2 of the Qi wireless charging standard. The new line of iPhones, on the other hand, follows an older 1.1 standard which can only charge at a pace of 7.5W.

This means that no matter what wireless charger you use, whether it’s one that can charge at 15W or lower, the iPhone 8 will only be charging at a maximum of 7.5W. At the moment, Apple won’t be able to fully utilize fast wireless charging. Hopefully next time, they’ll have it working perfectly.




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