iPhone 8 wireless charging might be unimpressive

iPhone 8 wireless charging

With all the news about wireless charging in the iPhone 8, it might not be worth all the hype it’s been making. We’ve been seeing various leaked images of wireless charging components for the coming line of iPhone devices. Although, according to Macotakara, a Japanese website, it might not be worth it.

iPhone 8 wireless chargingiPhone 8 Wireless Charging

The current Qi wireless charging standard has an output reaching 15 watts, which is fast enough for normal use. Instead of 15 watts of power, Apple will be using only half of that at 7.5 watts.

With reliability at approximately 80%, this will make charging even slower. We’re not sure why this decision was made but it’s definitely a letdown for convenient charging.

Another hindrance to convenience is its lack of compatibility. Only Apple-certified wireless chargers will work with the iPhones. We’re not yet sure if these chargers will be compatible with Android devices.


  1. Apple without Jobs is just another giant company.
    All other competition has a greater margin on being progressive.
    Apple however is a top notch ‘Marketing Firm’
    After Jobs they only sold old tech with a premium price.
    What a Sham Show!!!

  2. iPhones have never charged at more than 7.5 watts. The USB power source that comes with phones is only 5 watts. You can charge them with a 12 watt iPad adapter, but they still won’t use more than 7.5 watts. As the recommended charging protocol is to charge overnight, every night, it doesn’t really matter.

  3. I seriously couldn’t agree more with you. I’m at a loss, and I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. For over a decade back in the 90s, I was a “Microsoft” user. I have been a hard core “Apple” user for coming on 12 years. Tim Cook and his apple team need to stay ahead of Samsung. Instead Samsung is providing iPhone’s most of apple’s parts now. I’m concerned that Tim Cook is selling out to Samsung.

    • You can take apart an Apple II-e and find components from companies like toshiba or Samsung. That’s the case for all electronics, components come from a varieties of vendors, but Samsung is a big one. Apple doesn’t manufacture components other than their own silicon. Neither does Microsoft.

  4. Just FYI, I bought the Belkin wireless charger off Apple’s site in advance of getting my iPhone X and a friend with a Samsung phone used it to charge her phone yesterday. It worked well. Apple is using the industry standard Qi technology. So in this case they are NOT using Apple proprietary technology. They did the right thing here.


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