Samsung patents new wireless charger devices

Samsung wireless charger patent

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 coming on August 2, a few speculations are going around as to what other announcements will come up. Last January, a patent by Samsung showcases a new way to use wireless charging with our mobile devices.

Samsung wireless charger patent

Samsung patented 3 different wireless charger designs demonstrating the use of each one. The first big difference between the patents and how wireless charging is now is the shape. Instead of a flat pad, the designs show a bigger wireless charger. This is to let you charge a device on top and around the wireless charger.

The patent shows a wireless charger which can charge your smartphone when it’s placed on top while charging a smartwatch. The smartwatch can be placed around the wireless charger to charge it.

The second design is similar to the first, except for an angled top to have the smartphone face towards you. You can also place a smartwatch on top without worrying about the “sweet spot”.

The last patent design has a curved indent, aimed for conveniently wireless charging smartwatches.


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